Octopus Brush to Detangle Natural Afro Curly Hair
Octopus Brush to Detangle Natural Afro Curly Hair

Octopus Brush to Detangle Natural Afro Curly Hair

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Octopus Comb Curly Hair Brush Detangles without Damaging Strands

With the Polvo Brush, it will only take you 10-12 minutes to detangle your hair, while other brushes and combs take up to 30 minutes. With a flexible head with separate bristles, it easily detangles curly, wavy, frizzy or normal hair, without damaging the strands.


Suitable for normal tangled or super curly, African-American hair.

The Polvo brush is designed with a comfortable grip, helping you hold it firmly; Furthermore, it helps to dry your hair quickly, enhancing shine. Can be used on wet and dry hair; You can also use it while washing your hair, removing tangles while massaging and cleaning your scalp.

The detangling comb has 8 rows of separate, flexible bristles with a removable holder. You can adjust the distance between the bristles with the holder. The back of the radial ventilation hair brush has a ventilated area, which allows airflow to move through the section, makes your hair even heat, reduces drying time, prevents hair damage from overheating, resulting in less fall and much less pain!



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