Glue-Free Invisible Double Eyelid Sticker
Glue-Free Invisible Double Eyelid Sticker
Glue-Free Invisible Double Eyelid Sticker
Glue-Free Invisible Double Eyelid Sticker
Glue-Free Invisible Double Eyelid Sticker

Glue-Free Invisible Double Eyelid Sticker

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The True Reason I Look 10 Years Younger Than I Actually Am.

Add charms with natural depth to your eyelids.

Wet with water and ready to use, no glue required


Invisible Eye-Lifting by Sticked provides an instant eye-lifting to any flaccid, drooping, deep-set, hooded eyelids or even monoliths. Create a natural, parallel fold crease for more youthful, bewitching eyes.



  • Instant Double Eyelid
    provide an instant eye lift to any flaccid, drooping, deep-set, hooded eyelids or even monoliths. Create a natural, parallel fold crease for more youthful, bewitching eyes.
  • Flawlessly Invisible
    Delicately made of premium refined lace fiberinvisibly blending with any skin tone.
  • Water-activated Adhesion
    Simply spray water to instantly make them become transparent and durably adhesive. Won’t leave any glue residue like traditional eyelid tapes.
  • Easy Application
    Just spray water to make them adhesive, and then stick to your eye crease.
  • 24-hour Adhesive
    100% waterproof, sweatproof which stays all day long without loss.
  • Makeup-friendly
    Can be applied under or over makeup products like eyeshadow, glitters, foundation, primer etc.
  • 100% latex-free and Hypoallergenic

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What our customers say:


  • Materials: lace fiber


  • 1 x Invisible Eye-Lifting by Sticked(120 Strips)
  • 1 x Pincet




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